2 Western Men Found Dead in Bangkok Hotel Room: Suspected Drug Involvement

Some of the drug paraphernalia found in the men’s Bangkok hotel room.

A Canadian man and an Australian man have been found dead in a hotel room in the Klong Toey area of Bangkok this week. They had been dead approximately 24 hours when they were discovered by a maid. Near their bodies were several bottles of alcohol, an off-white powdery substance laid on a table, spoons, a rolled up 50 baht note and various other things often used as drug paraphernalia.

Bangkok police suspect the powdery substance is some type of drug and have sent it to a laboratory for analysis. They are currently acting on the assumption that the two men died of a drug overdose.

The two men were named as Angus Eric Campbell, 27, and Casamel Stephen, 31.

While sad, many expats commenting about the story are more shocked by the stupidity of somebody who would come on vacation to Thailand and do drugs than they are about the two men’s deaths. After all, buying any type of drug from someone you don’t know in a foreign country seems to be a recipe for disaster, as god knows what you are really buying or what the drug is actually cut with.

Personally, I think anyone is stupid if they do any kind of drugs. Period. But to buy drugs in a foreign country like Thailand, one that has the death penalty for certain types of drug offenses I might add, and you have to wonder did they kill off all their brain cells years ago?

Very sad for the families of these two men, by the way, but unfortunately not as uncommon in Thailand as you might think. Particularly as some westerners seem to think Thailand is a country where it’s cheap and easy to buy drugs and there are few, if any, consequences.

Some of them find out to their detriment soon after arrival that that’s not remotely true.