2012 FHM Girls Next Door Winner is Chontida “Amie” Chatsirichai


I always think judging any beauty contest in Thailand must be difficult, as so many Thai girls are incredibly beautiful. The same goes for the 2012 FHM Girls Next Door beauty competition, sponsored by the condom company Durex, and which took place in Bangkok at Route 66 last Thursday.


Contestant Chontida “Amie” Chatsirichai was finally chosen the winner from 10 finalists and, yes, she’s a beautiful girl, but the judges must have not known where to start the girls were all so stunning.

Meanwhile, Chontida wins 200,000 baht (around $6,700 and an average Thai annual salary) in a cash prize, as well as the promise of being photographed for a future cover of FHM Thailand.

Of course, while you might not have girls next door where you live that look as gorgeous and sexy as these FHM girls do, believe me when I tell you they are all over Thailand, as anyone can attest to who lives here.

Meanwhile, check out the photos from the Bangkok Post of the 2012 FHM Girl Next door contest, and see if you could have chosen a winner easily. I doubt I could.