2013 Pattaya International Bed Race Brings Out Locals and Tourists (Video)

Yep, that's a bed. Well.....sort of.
Yep, that’s a bed. Well…..sort of.


Though it may not be Knaresborough, England (that’s where the famous Great Knaresborough Bed Race takes place every year), Pattaya in southern Thailand just put on their very own decorated bed race, for the fifth year in a row last Sunday, and it was incredibly cool.

In the 2013 Pattaya International Bed Race, there were 32 teams that decorated beds, dressed in silly costumes and ran like hell down Beach Road to the finish line. They ran for 1.5 kilometers with all the money they raised going to a local charity — the Father Ray Foundation. Each team was only allowed one person actually in the bed and four people pushing it.

For more information on some of the teams in the 2013 Pattaya International Bed Race, watch this video from Pattaya Info.  It’ll give you a great idea of how colorful some of the beds were and just how much fun people must have had making them.

Of course, they don’t actually sleep in these beds they’re just created for the race itself but still……..kinda cool.