25 vaccination centers closed in Bangkok after vaccine shortage stops jabs

It is no news to anyone that Thailand has an on-going vaccine shortage.

So bad was it this weekend, however, 25 vaccination centers were closed in Bangkok after vaccines ran out.

The Mor Prom app has also cancelled all bookings scheduled for Friday and Saturday, and is not yet accepting new appointments.

This, however, is said to be due to a glitch in the app and not due to vaccine shortages at this time.

The Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) Sanan Angubolkul is blaming supplies not arriving as scheduled although, with vaccine shortages having been an issue since the beginning of the latest rise in Covid cases back in April, it is also likely to be partially due to the government mismanagement of vaccine orders.

Mr. Sanan went on to say vaccine centers will remain closed until more vaccines arrive and, with so many people registering for vaccinations, the waiting list is now very long.

Meanwhile, foreigners who live in Thailand are now eligible for some of the 150,000 Pfizer doses that have been donated by the United States.

Foreigners can also register via Expat Vac — a new vaccine registration system that, despite initial problems over the last few days, now seems to be working appropriately