5.7 million Thais qualify for Rao Chana stimulus — first 2,000 baht paid February 18th

With many Thais struggling to make ends meet as Thailand’s borders remain closed, exports have fallen, tens of thousands of businesses have closed and millions of Thais are now unemployed, there has been one bright light in the gloom this week.

That is the announcement that more than 5.7 million people have passed the screening for the Rao Chana stimulus scheme. Those people will now receive 7,000 baht each, spread out over several payments.

The first payment of 2,000 baht will be wired into the recipients’ account in the “Pao Tang” app on February 18th. Weekly payments will then be made every Thursday until each person has received the full 7,000 baht.

As soon as a recipient receives the first payment, the money can immediately be spent on food, drink, taxis, motor cycle taxis and passenger vans if the service provider has registered for the scheme, and other essentials.


Rao Chana payments can be used to buy food, with the government wanting people to purchase it from independent vendors

10 million Thais applied for Rao Chana stimulus scheme

Ten million people applied for the Rao Chana stimulus scheme but 4.3 million were not able to pass the screening process.

According to Kulaya Tantitaemit, Inspector General of the Finance Ministry, anyone who applied for the 7,000 baht Rao Chana stimulus payment can check this website today — www.เราชนะ.com.

If their name is on the site, they can expect to receive the full 7,000 baht stimulus payment and should look out for the first payment on February 18th.

For those who did not pass the screening process, there is an appeal process they can go through via the same website. A review of their case will then be carried out and a decision made.

They must start their appeal by March 8th, however, as after that date no more reviews will be carried out.

On the same website, there is also information on eligibility requirements, how to find a participating store/seller, and how to use the “Pao Tang” app when spending the stimulus payment.

With the 5.7 million people receiving the 7,000 baht Rao Chana stimulus payment, in addition to those registered in other programs for financial help from the government, that brings the total to 27 million Thais who are currently being financially helped.

For many, however, payments like these may be of little help as what they often need is cash to pay for things like rent, utilities and even gas for the car.

Unlike in many other countries, however, the Thai government, is refusing to give most financial relief in the form of cash.

Source: Thai PBS