Best British and Irish Pubs in Bangkok, Thailand: Good Booze and Great Food

dubliner christmas dinner
Christmas dinner at The Dubliner

Bangkok, Thailand has many British and Irish pubs, surprising for a conservative Buddhist country. The British and the Irish love it though, as do many other foreign expats and even Thais.

One famous thing in Britain is the Pub Crawl. That means you begin drinking at one pub then move to another and another and another, until you have to give up either because of closing time or sheer inebriation. With so many pubs in Bangkok, a Bangkok Pub Crawl is easy to do. Check out these Bangkok pubs, choose your favorites and crawl away.

The Londoner, Sukhumvit Soi 33 – The Londoner is in the basement of the UBC II Building and is a lot bigger on the inside than it seems on the out. With great beer on tap (The Londoner brews its own beer and lager), tons of choices for bottled beer, spirits and cocktails as well as the best British food in Bangkok, The Londoner really is Bangkok’s best pub. They also do an amazing Christmas lunch and dinner, but book early as this place gets crowded.

The Robin Hood, Sukhumvit Soi 33 – At the foot of the stairs from Phrom Phong sky train station and just down the street from The Londoner, The Robin Hood is another good British pub. The selection of beers is slightly less than The Londoner and the food is not quite as good, but it’s still a nice pub with a great atmosphere and can’t be beat for location. They’re also famous for their Happy Nights, where many of their imported beers are on sale.

The Bull’s Head, Sukhumvit Soi 33 – Right around the corner from The Robin Hood, The Bull’s Head is dark and comfortable feeling, with great food and nice staff. It has three floors and feels like a real British pub. They do a great fish and chips and don’t forget to save room for one of their desserts – delicious. Also make sure you check out their jukebox – music you won’t hear anywhere else. On Sundays, they even do a coin flip where, every time you order between 5pm and 7pm, you flip a coin. Depending on how it lands, your round is free or you pay for it.

Hanrahans, Sukhumvit Soi 4 – Hanrahans is a bit too near the roaring Bagnkok bar girl trade for my liking, but the food is good, they have great drinks specials and, the last time I was there, a daily happy hour.

It’s also much lighter than most other British pubs in Bangkok, so if you’re not into all the doom and gloom, Hanrahans would be perfect for you. Hanrahans also has an outdoor patio and even a roof garden up on the third floor. They serve a huge menu of British food as well as loads of Thai dishes, so it’s a great place to go with Thai friends if they’re not into Western food.

Molly Malone’s, Convent Road, Silom – Just around the corner from Sala Daeng sky train station, Molly Malone’s looks like a typical Irish pub with its dark interior, and loud crowds. Molly Malone’s is popular for Christmas dinner, as well as for their Sunday Roast (a fabulous Sunday lunch). It also has good live music and a lot of the British football games are shown on their big screen TVs.

The Dubliner, 440 Sukhumvit Rd – The Dubliner is down the street from Phrom Phong sky train station. Personally, I think The Dubliner is over-rated but many British and Irish expats absolutely love it. I have eaten several meals there and one Christmas dinner, and every time the meals were nice enough but expensive.

The bar also has cool live entertainment but, even so, The Londoner leaves this place in the dust when it comes to serving food.

However, The Dubliner does have a nice atmosphere, a good location, friendly staff and, if you are dying for a Guinness, The Dubliner is the place to get it.

There are many more British and Irish pubs in Bangkok for your pub crawl needs. Most of them serve awesome beer on tap, any spirit or cocktail you can think of and good British grub at a not-too-expensive price.