Best Gemology Schools in Bangkok – Take a Gem and Jewelry Course

Bangkok, Thailand is world famous for gemology schools and gem courses

Every year, many people come to Bangkok, Thailand to sign up for a gemology class. Gemology is the science of natural and artificial gems and gemstones, and is a popular course of study for people who wish to go into the gem or jewelry business. Thailand is one of the world’s most important gem producing countries, so it’s no wonder so many people take gemology courses here in an attempt to become a certified gemologist. With various organizations offering courses in Bangkok, these three are generally known as the best.

The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand – A public organization in Thailand, The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand is one of the world’s best places to study to become a gemologist. The organization offers an FGA Gemologist Diploma Program, and an HRD: Certified Diamond Grader Diploma Program, as well as several jewelry design courses. The courses are held in English and are accredited through either the Gemology Association of Great Britain or the Antwerp Diamond High Council in Holland.

Gemology courses are expensive but, at The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand, you can receive a gemology diploma at around half the cost of other institutes (around $5,500), simply because it’s a Thai company.

Asian Institute of Gemological Studies – This organization offers a number of gemology courses, starting at stand-alone one-off courses for beginners who are interested in just getting their feet wet. Introduction to Gemology is a five day course that will get you started or, if you want to go all the way, their six-month Accredited Gemologist Diploma is the one most people take.

Of course, they’re not cheap. For the six-month course, fees begin at $9,125 plus living expenses for the duration of the course.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – The institute many Americans sign up for is the Gemological Institute of America. They’re one of the top gemology institutes in the world and their accredited diplomas are recognized worldwide.

At Gemological Institute of America, you can start off with a gem identification class, or a jewelry design class, or you can go right into the big leagues with a Graduate Gemologist Diploma. If you’re interested in distance learning, they also offer this with an Accelerated Gemology Diploma, Accelerated Diamonds Diploma or an Accelerated Colored Stones Diploma.

Prices at GIA are the absolute highest of any course in Bangkok, with fees for a Graduate Gemologist Diploma currently at $13,196 (two and a half times higher than the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand course) so make sure you really want to be a certified gemologist before signing up here.