Can you take Zoloft/Sertraline to Thailand for personal use?

Zoloft/Sertraline is one of the medications a large number of people traveling to Thailand seem to have been prescribed.

A medication to treat problems like depression, panic attacks and social phobias, people traveling to and in Thailand obviously do not want to forgo taking their usual daily Zoloft/Sertraline while they are here.

That is why this question comes up a lot on message boards all over the Internet: Can you take Zoloft to Thailand for personal use?

Taking Zoloft/Sertraline to Thailand

If you are one of the people that has been prescribed Zoloft, you will be happy to know you should not have any problems bringing it in to Thailand.

This is due to the Thai government’s directive about prescription medication.

It says, “If the prescription is not listed as a controlled substance” and Zoloft is not, you can bring up to 30-days supply of the medication into Thailand.

How should it be packaged?

Of course, you should not just throw your Zoloft medication in a plastic bag and shove it in your backpack. That could get you in trouble if it is not labeled correctly, and is not in a bottle with a prescription label clearly visible on it.

In other words, as long as your Zoloft medication is in the bottle or box it was dispensed in, with the prescription visible, you will have no problem bringing it into Thailand.

You should still have the doctor’s original prescription with you if you have it but, as most people will not have that, the prescription on the bottle/box will usually suffice.

You can then carry it with you in your hand luggage.

What should you do if you need more than 30 days supply?

This is a tricky one as, if you will be travelling in Thailand for 45 days, for instance, you will still need your Zoloft for the last 15 days.

What should you do in that circumstance?

In most cases, if you are bringing in a few extra pills, you are not likely to be stopped, have them taken from you or, god forbid, arrested. Especially if you have a visa stating you can stay up to 60 days or longer in the Kingdom.

Thai immigration officers do understand people traveling for extended periods of time do need to have their regular medications with them.

That being said, it is possible to buy Zoloft over the counter at most pharmacies in Thailand, although some pharmacies do not carry it. (What can you usually buy over-the counter at a Thai pharmacy?)

In Thailand, it is usually sold as the generic Sertraline and is often much cheaper than what you will have paid for Zoloft at home.

If you do not mind spending time picking up the additional medication you will need then, you can always bring a 30-day supply and then buy the rest in Thailand.

Traveling through another country to Thailand with Zoloft

Be aware, though, you should also check medication laws in any country you may be transitting through on your way to Thailand.

While most countries do not worry too much about passengers traveling through on their way to another destination,  as long as they are not leaving the airport, some (especially in the Middle East) can be strict.

Be sure you know what the laws for having Zoloft on your person are in the country you will be transitting through, and abide by them as much as you possibly can.