Where to find daily Covid-19 cases in Thailand via region and city? This excellent GitHub page will help

If you are looking for the daily Covid-19 cases in Thailand broken down by region and city, there is an excellent GitHub page that will give you all the information you could possibly need.

The Covid Thailand GitHub page has updated information about Covid-19 in Thailand broken down into sections titled Cases, Active Cases, Deaths, Testing, and Vaccinations.

It also has a section where you can download a slew of data sources if you really want to look at Covid-19 cases in Thailand in depth.

The data has been combined from a variety of government sources, so is about as accurate as it is currently possible to get.

Covid cases in Thailand

The Covid cases in Thailand segment begins with a breakdown of where the testing for the virus took place, ie: in quarantine, in a mobile community testing facility, in a hospital, prison or other facility.

The data goes back several months, which makes it possible to easily see when the currently climbing numbers of Covid cases in Thailand began to rapidly increase.

Other sections show cases by risk group, the provinces where cases are currently trending up, cases by age, and by health district.

If you are interested in the current outcome of Covid cases in Thailand since 1st April, when cases began to first rise, you will find that in this section as well.

Deaths in Thailand due to Covid-19

Information from the CCSA Daily Briefing has been used to give a daily updated count of number of deaths in Thailand due to Covid-19.

These are also broken down by health district, and age.

The testing rate for Covid-19 in Thailand

For those interested in testing rates in the country for the last few months, this information is broken down into daily PCR tests in Thailand and their results, PCR tests by health district, and positive rate by health district.

Vaccinations for Covid-19 in Thailand

Covid vaccinations, which are in abysmally short supply in Thailand at the moment, are also broken down into Priority Groups, Daily Vaccination Reports, and by top provinces and health districts.

These charts are just by dose, and not the numbers of fully vaccinated people, so do be aware of that if analyzing the data.


In-depth information about Covid-19 in Thailand

If you really want to go deep diving, head to the Downloads section where you will find a slew of information from CCSA daily briefings and other sources, all broken down into separate reports.

Everything is downloadable in either a JSON or CSV format, and will give you more information than you will have time to analyze.

Most of it is also updated daily, with a few sections only updated every couple of days.

The Covid Thailand GitHub page has been put together by Dylan Jay, Vincent Casagrande and Peter Scully, and they have done an excellent job.