Chiang Mai Golf Classic Postponed Due to Military Coup and Unrest

chiang mai golf classic postponed

After yet another military coup last month, Thailand continues to lose money with the news today that the Chiang Mai Golf Classic has been postponed.

The Golf Classic was due to start in Chiang Mai on 3rd July at the Alpine Golf Resort but, because of the military coup and subsequent political unrest, organizers felt it was best to postpone the event until later in the year.

No word yet on what date the Chiang Mai Golf Classic has been postponed until, with organizers simply saying “a later date”.

Whether that happens is anyone’s guess as, with international singing acts like Taylor Swift refusing to perform in Thailand, and tourists staying away in droves, it is yet to be seen if professional golfers and those who tour the world to watch them play will have any interest in heading to the Land of Smiles any time soon.

Or should we now be calling it the Land of Military Coups?