Death Toll Over Thailand’s 2011 Songkran Holiday Rises To 116

songkran on motorbikes
While Songkran on motorbikes can be fun, you do get incredibly wet and, if you’re driving at speed it can be incredibly dangerous. Photo copyright — Wyndham, Creative Commons


Although every year before Songkran, the Thai government pleads for people to not drink and drive, and not to speed, every year hundreds of Thais are killed in road accidents over the seven days of the Songkran holiday. This year’s Songkran is no different, with reports currently out that 116 people have already been killed on Thailand’s roads just in the first three days alone.

Is it any wonder those among us who don’t want to get killed are staying home for the seven days of Songkran with lots of movies, food, and entertainment in stock and, thus, avoiding Thailand’s dangerous roads? That way we can all but guarantee we don’t become part of the death toll.

Unfortunately, you can expect the death toll to increase as, over Songkran 2010, over 360 people died on Thailand’s roads. Why would 2011 be any different?