Gun Crime Increasing in Thailand By Drug Dealers and Teenagers

Screenshot from Bangkok Post gun violence video

While the crime rate in Thailand is low in many areas of the country, especially compared to a country like the United States, in gun violence Thailand is near the top of the list.

In fact, according to the Thai police, gun crime is increasing, with police saying gun crime in Thailand is specifically increasing among two groups in particular – drug dealers and teenagers.

The Bangkok Post, which has produced some excellent short videos recently, has another video on their website talking about gun crime in Thailand. They interview a Thai police officer, who says police are seeing an increase in gun crime against police officers, and a rise in the illegal sale of guns.

It’s a pity as, overall, Thailand is a far safer country than many western countries, including the United States. That drug use in the country is so high is contributing to the problem, as well as the much easier availability of guns than just a few years ago.

Of course, there are checks before anyone is allowed to buy a gun in Thailand but, as the police officer on the video says, many people buy guns legally and then sell them on to someone else later.

The police officer’s final statement is he believes gun laws should be changed in Thailand, so that nobody is allowed to own or carry a gun except state officers.

Meanwhile, watch the Bangkok Post video. Sad but interesting.