How can foreigners register for Covid vaccination in Thailand? Vaccines available from June 7th

In the last few weeks, foreigners living in Thailand have been worried about not being able to get a Covid vaccination.

That situation has changed, however, as Thai authorities announced this week foreigners in Thailand will be able to get a vaccination against Covid just like any Thai.

Vaccinations will be available from June 7th.

How can foreigners register for a Covid vaccination in Thailand? Just like any Thai, as long as they follow specific instructions laid down by Thai authorities.


Getting a Covid-19 vaccination in Thailand as a foreigner

According to the latest information from the Thai Ministry of Public Health, anyone currently in Thailand will be able to get a Covid-19 vaccination regardless of their nationality.

The information you need to be aware of in order to do this is as follows:

  1. Foreigners who already have a Thai social security number can register at a vaccination center.
  2. If you have received treatment in the past at a Thai hospital, you can register with that hospital for a vaccination. The hospital will have your medical records on file, making it more efficient for you to receive a Covid-19 vaccination with them. You will need your passport in order to register.
  3. If you do not fall under either (1) or (2) scenarios, the Thai government will soon release a list of hospitals where foreigners can register.

Be aware, however, foreigners will not be able to register via a mobile app or through an online registration service, as the data pertinent to non-Thais living in Thailand has not been consolidated in one central location. (** this has since changed)

This makes it impossible for mobile or online registration to be accurate.

If you live in Bangkok, it has already been announced Bangrak Health Centre and Vimut Hospital are currently two locations where foreigners are able to register for a vaccination.

There are also vaccination centers being run by the Council of University Presidents of Thailand. Foreigners are allowed to register with any of them.

More locations in other areas of the country will be announced between now and June 7th, with the goal of making Covid-19 vaccinations easily accessible to everyone.

The most current information then does suggest even foreign tourists who have been in Thailand for a while due to borders being closed will be able to register.