How Do People Get Around Bangkok During Floods? Bus, Boat, Tractor?… (Photos)

Pushing the bus outside Central Ladprao when flood waters proved just too deep

With much of Bangkok under massive floods, the area around by our apartment building in northern Bangkok is under around 2 feet of water.

When it floods that much, it is not always possible to walk  in Bangkok (although people still are). But it is amazing to see how people still manage to get around during Bangkok floods – by using buses, boats, even tractors that travel through the flood water.

These are pictures of people getting on with their daily lives in Bangkok just as they always have. Just with the annoying addition of 60-70 centimeters of flood water……..

Traveling by tractor on Pahonyothin Road at Tesco Lotus opposite Central Ladprao today
Traveling by bus on Pahonyothin today, one block before Vibhavadi intersection
Travel by boat, one block north of Mo Chit BTS early this afternoon
Travel by car – one block from Aw Taw Kaw junction heading towards Mo Chit at 2:30pm today (water at 65 cms)