How Many Thai Baht to the US Dollar in 2013?

Bangkok Bank's exchange rate table
Bangkok Bank’s exchange rate table


How many Thai baht to the US dollar in 2013?

We’ve had a couple of emails recently asking us about the exchange rate for the baht to the US dollar.  Specifically, people want to know how many Thai baht to the US dollar they will get if they visit Thailand.

Of course, how many Thai baht to the US dollar isn’t something anyone can answer accurately, except for a few seconds every day as the value of the baht, and the value of the US dollar, changes many times through each day as currency markets fluctuate.

We can tell you, however, currently the Thai baht to the US dollar, as of January 25th at approximately 11pm Bangkok time, is around 29.48. That means, for every US dollar you exchange, you will get approximately 29.48 baht.

This amount, however, will be different tomorrow and different again the day after.

Thai baht continuing to strengthen in 2013

You may also want to know that the baht has strengthened in the last two years, so that if you came on a vacation to Thailand in 2011 or early 2012, most things you bought or paid for (food, hotel rooms, transportation, trips, clothing etc.) will be more expensive. That is because prices have gone up in Thailand in the last two years, and your dollar is now buying less baht, which also means your buying power is less.

To give you an idea of how much more a trip to Thailand will cost you now once you arrive in country, we estimate adding another 10 percent to the amount you spent before, which should give you the same buying power and the same fun vacation.

We hope that helps.

For daily exchange rates for the Thai baht to the  US dollar and the baht to other currencies, check out Bangkok Bank’s website as it will give you an approximate idea of how many baht you can expect to get every time you exchange American dollars.

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