Inflatable animals in Bangkok, Thailand — Featured Photo

Inflatable animals in Bangkok are an adorably cute gift

If you are ever in Bangkok, Thailand and need inflatable animals for a party or other event, you may be surprised to learn you can often find them at local shopping malls around Christmas time.

These cute inflatable animals in Bangkok were photographed in the foyer of one of my local shopping malls that houses a Tesco Lotus among other stores.

The woman has been there for over a week sitting at a table outside a gold shop, and selling a whole plethora of inflatable animals from zebras, monkeys and ducks to penguins, elephants and dogs.

She also sells them in several sizes, including quite large ones.

And yes, many of the inflatable animals she sells are on wheels and have strings around their necks so your child can pull them along behind them as they walk.

At only 120 baht (around $3.75) for the medium-sized ones, I thought they were an adorably cute gift for a young child.

And yes, I bought one for a four-year-old who lives on my soi.

In other words, the next time you are looking for inflatable animals in Bangkok around Christmas time, you may find one of the local shopping malls has someone selling them.