Laos Airlines Releases Passenger Names of Those Killed in Crash at Pakse Airport

Laos Airlines
Laos Airlines plane – copyright Jialiang Gao, Creative Commons License

49 people killed in Laos Airlines crash, including five Thais

Laos Airlines has already released the passenger names of those killed in the crash this afternoon that occurred close to Pakse airport. 49 people were on board, 44 passengers and five crew members, and all were killed as the Laos Airlines plane crashed into the Mekong River around 4pm.

According to the airline, the dead include five Thais, five Australians, three Koreans, seven French, one American, one Chinese, one Taiwanese, one Canadian and two Vietnamese people.

The list of the passengers killed is as follows:

Thailand: Yangyong Apaanan, Nipol Mengsee, Kamueng Chartkasamchai, Phakkhawat Atiratanachai and Veekij Busarawutilanu.

Australia: Gordon Bruce Creighton, Michael Creighton, Phoumalaysy Rhodes, Manfred Gavin and Geoffre Gavin Rhodes.

South Korea: Lee Hongjig, Lee Jaesang and Lee Gangpil.

France: Helene Andrew Detable, Guy Henri Vimont, Jean Luc Salelles, Francoise Detable, Dominique Vimont, Patricia Debord and Bruno Debord.

United States: Joel Babcock.

China: Rui Gan.

Taiwan: Chang Yu Liu.

Canada: Thilieu Dao.

Vietnam: Le Hue and Thigan Voung.

Of course, it’s too early yet for investigators to know what caused the crash of the Laos Airlines plane, but bad weather is suspected as being a contributor. Eye witnesses say the plane appeared to get into difficulty as it approached the runway at Pakse airport and then crashed into the Mekong River with no survivors. One resident of Pakse said the scene was “horrendous”.

A news conference will be held by Laos Airlines on Thursday, when more about the crash and the investigation will be known.