Low-Cost Airlines to be Moved Back to Don Mueang Airport Says Thai Government

Low-budget airlines will now fly out of Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok again = photo copyright Keng Susumpow


The Thai government has announced,due to the recent complaints about incredibly long wait times at Suvarnabhumi Airport’s immigration, all low-cost carriers will be moved back to Bangkok’s second airport, Don Mueang as soon as possible. The government hopes this will lessen some of the long lines at Suvarnabhumi Airport, especially while two out of the three immigration sections are closed for renovation.

Don Mueang used to be Bangkok’s main airport but, other than having a couple of low-cost carriers flying out of it, it has not been open since just after Suvarnabhumi Airport opened. in 2006. Now, low-cost carriers like Nok Air and Air Asia will be moved back to Don Mueang, with the possibility they may remain there permanently, as Suvarnabhumi is already operating at over capacity and that’s projected to get even worse in 2012.

For people who live in the north of Bangkok and use low-cost carriers, budget airlines moving back to Don Mueang is excellent news as it’s extremely inconvenient having to travel to the other side of the city for an Air Asia or Orient Thai flight. Transport Minister Jarupong Ruangsuwan says Don Mueang should be able to handle around 16 million passengers a year, which will be a huge help for congested Suvarnabhumi.

Don Mueang, too, has just been repainted and renovated after Bangkok’s massive floods last year which saw Don Mueang under five feet of water for almost three months. Airports of Thailand Plc tried to get more low-carriers back to Don Mueang after floods receded, as it’s a waste having such a nice airport with hardly anyone using it. The only carrier to move back so far though has been Nok Air.

We’re thrilled budget airlines are moving back to Don Mueang and hope they stay there. It’s never made sense that Bangkok only had one airport, especially as Suvarnabhumi simply can’t handle the number of people flying in and out of it. Plus, when we are in Thailand, we tend to stay up in the north of the city and travel backwards and forwards to Kuala Lumpur. Having Air Asia so close again for our next trip will be wonderful.

So, for that we say “Thank you Yingluck Shinawatra for agreeing to move budget airlines back to Don Mueang. We think it’s a very smart idea indeed.”