Major Ratchayothin (Pahonyothin-Ratchadapisek) Intersection Flooded – Yes, NOW We’re Flooding – Knee Deep

Military truck picking up and dropping off pedestrians a few blocks before Ratchayothin intersection

We took a stroll down our soi this morning to take photographs at the intersection of Pahonyothin and Ratchadapisek intersection in Bangkok, (our soi is two blocks away from the intersection) as we had heard it was completely flooded and that flood waters would be in our soi within the next few hours.

Oddly, even though Central Ladprao intersection in the other direction was also flooded, our area of Pahonyothin was still completely dry (but not for long, with water coming at us from three directions now).

It is now 1:45pm and our soi is just beginning to flood.

At the bottom of the soi, we have flood water probably 40 meters into the soi, at a depth of about 20 centimeters, but it is rising fast. From what has been announced by government officials, we should expect abot 50 centimeters on the entire length of the soi by the end of the day.

These photographs are of the Vibhavadi-Pahonyothin intersection at 9:45-10:00 am this morning.

Yes Mum, we’re flooding.

Every house in the sois in our area looks like this – with homeowners having built concrete walls to stop the floods entering their property (it doesn’t work, as the water comes up the drains)


One block before Ratchadapisek-Pahonyothin intersection opposite the Elephant Building (water moving towards us)
Military trucks heading towards intersection
Thai military directing traffic and helping pedestrians at Ratchadapisek-Pahonyothin intersection
There are at least 50 military personnel at the intersection helping out
The Thai military have done an incredible job during Thailand’s worst floods in almost a century
Yes, Thais still use their motorbikes when it floods
Getting off the bus, 100 feet from the intersection – “Yes, we’ll be wai naaming soon”