Ratchadapisek Night Market Sausages

sausages night market thailand

My new favorite place is the Ratchadapisek Night Market. An outdoor market on a grubby piece of spare land in northern Bangkok, it’s put together by mostly students and VW afficionados (yep, you read that correctly – guys (and girls) who love VW bugs, vans etc – and they bring them to the market).

The market takes place every Saturday night from dusk till about midnight and, like other markets in Thailand, sells a weird assortment of stuff.

The variety of food at Ratchadapisek Night Market is one of the many reasons to go and, on my last visit, I discovered the sausage man.

Selling several varieties of cooked, chopped sausage, put in a plastic bag with one of his spicy, fragrant sauces and served with a couple of long wooden cocktail-stick-type skewers, they’re tasty, juicy and very satisfying.

My friend and I bought a bag of the ‘regular’ sausages (not so spicy) and had him add some sweet and sour sauce. A bag is 40 baht ($1.25), quite expensive for Thailand, but was plenty of food for the two of us.

sausages night market bangkok
The sausage man’s sign

You can hit Ratchadapisek Night Market (and buy the sausages!) by taking the MRT underground to Ratchadapisek station and walking a block or so up the street. The market easily takes a couple of hours to walk through, so be prepared to eat tons of food and shop a lot.