Shabushi buffet in Bangkok, Thailand — what do you get for 419 baht?

Shabushi buffet in Bangkok, Thailand — what do you get for 419 baht?

Several years ago, I reviewed Shabushi buffet in Bangkok after I had eaten there with friends and had not been particularly impressed with what I had eaten or experienced. I avoided the restaurant for a few years after that.

In 2016, I went back to Shabushi buffet a number of times at the behest of different Thai friends and was surprised to see the food on offer had definitely improved.

So much so Shabushi has since become a place I eat at whenever I feel like a ‘binge fest’, but do not want to spend the 1,000 baht-plus many of the hotel all-you-can-eat buffets in Bangkok now charge.

Because gone is the limp not-quite-fresh Shabu Shabu vegetables, and the meat, fish and seafood is much more flavorful than it has been in the past. Cuts of meat also seem to be higher quality, and the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet now offers some very tasty sushi choices.

If you have also had a not-so-great experience at Shabushi buffet in Bangkok, Thailand and are wanting to try it again, or have never eaten there and are interested in what you get for the money you will spend, you may want to watch a new review from the YouTube channel EatSleepBangkok, (See video below)

His video shows what you can expect if you eat at Shabushi buffet in Bangkok, and what you get for the 419 baht they charge.

The cost of Shabushi all-you-can-eat buffet in Bangkok

The price for Shabushi’s all-you-can-eat buffet has increased by 70 baht in the last few months. That is a price increase from 359 baht to their current 419 baht, for a one hour and 15 minute visit.

EatSleepBangkok thinks the 419 baht charge is a little pricey and, if I had not eaten there before, I would probably agree with him.

As the quality of the food Shabushi serves has improved along with the higher price, however, I don’t have much of a problem with that 70 baht increase. After all, I would rather pay 419 (just over $13.90) and eat flavorful food than save a couple of dollars and not.

What do you get for 419 baht at Shabushi in Bangkok?

When you arrive at Shabushi, you are seated at a table next to a conveyor belt that moves around the restaurant at a fast pace.

The belt is loaded with plates of food — slices of thinly cut pork on one plate, three raw shrimp on another, slices of salmon on a third, small pieces of chicken on another, a plate of mushrooms, a plate piled high with green vegetables, and on and on.

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As soon as you are seated, you can start taking the food you want off the belt and putting it into the already boiling ‘hot pot’ waiting for you at your table. Each piece of food cooks in 10 to 30 seconds or so, and can then be removed from the hot pot with chopsticks, dipped into the provided sukiyaki sauce if you like and eaten. Yum!

You can continue helping yourself to plates from the conveyor belt until you do not want to eat anymore or until your allowed time runs out. Don’t worry about empty plates stacking up either, as the wait staff are quite fast at removing them.

Not only do you have an unlimited choice of as much meat, fish, shellfish, mushrooms, vegetables and other tasty morsels as you want in the 75 minutes you have available, there is also a sushi bar close by where you can help yourself to unlimited fresh sushi. And yes, it is lovely and fresh.

There is also another bar with plenty of tempura and gyozas to eat, if that is more to your taste.

When I eat at Shabushi, I tend to eat more of the sushi than the Shabu Shabu, as that is more to my personal taste when it comes to Japanese food. EatSleepBangkok apparently does the opposite, and tends to stick close to the Shabu Shabu.

That is the beauty of Shabushi, as you can eat exactly what you like for as long as you remain at the restaurant. Just be sure to leave before your time is up, or it will cost you more.

Unlimited soft drinks are also included in the 419 baht charge.

Is Shabushi good value for money?

While EatSleepBangkok did think Shabushi was decent value for money overall, the 70 baht price increase put him right on the fence between the price being acceptable and over-priced for what he ate.

Then again, he also mentioned there are cheaper places for Shabu Shabu in Bangkok, but the selection of the foods available at them is less and the quality of the meat is not always as high.

Yes, like everywhere, you do get what you pay for.

Would I recommend Shabushi all-you-can-eat buffet in Bangkok in 2018?

Yes, I would. Particularly as I have seen a marked increase in the quality of the food they serve in the last couple of years, and have enjoyed my meal every time I have eaten there since.

You will find the Shabushi branches  where I normally eat at both Central Ladprao and MBK.

Shabushi is all over Bangkok, though, in many main shopping malls, so you will not have to go far to find one. Just be warned, some of the branches do seem to be better than others. So, if you find yourself not loving the food you are served, try a different branch another time.

Watch EatSleepBangkok’s new review of Shabushi all-you-can-eat buffet in his video below, and do be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel. He does some of the best, most comprehensive restaurants reviews in Bangkok.

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