Thai Airways Flight from Kolkata to Bangkok Bursts Tyre on Landing

thai airways strike

You can always tell it is a slow news day in Thailand when local newspapers are reporting on non-stories like a Thai Airways flight from Kolkata to Bangkok having a burst tyre upon landing.

In fact, it is actually quite common for tyres to burst on aircraft upon landing, particularly if the pilot comes in for a landing at too high a speed.

The tyre in question on the Thai Airways flight from Kolkata to Bangkok burst when the plane touched down on the runway at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok at just after 6am.

The plane was safely brought to a standstill and emergency crews evacuated the almost 300 passengers and crew on board. No injuries were reported.

Basically, not a huge deal. Unless, of course, you were on the flight and then the Thai Airways burst tyre was something interesting to tell your friends about.