Thai Immigration Arrest American and Brit on Pedophile Charges


As a long-term western resident of Thailand, I’m always happy when Thai authorities arrest another western pedophile. With many western pedophiles thinking Thailand is the land where their sick behavior will be accepted, surprise………..the Thai authorities believe otherwise.

In the last few years, several high-profile pedophiles (Gary Glitter, John Mark Karr) have been arrested in Thailand, and others have been warned to stay away. Now news from Thai Immigration says two more western pedophiles were arrested yesterday – one an American and one a Brit. Both for crimes they perpetrated against children in their own countries. Hurrah for the Thai police and Thai Immigration.

The latest arrests were firstly of an American national, Allen Mingchai Hayes, 30, who was arrested by Thai police yesterday for crimes he allegedly committed in America in 2004. He fled the country to Thailand before he could be arrested and tried.

The second western pedophile arrested was British man Kevin Wilter, age 49, who was arrested yesterday on a Bangkok housing estate. He’s been in Thailand since 2007 after leaving Britain after a British arrest warrant was filed.

At least one of the men will also be charged with overstaying their Thai visas, having lived in Thailand for more than two years without one.

These two new cases also show how well Thailand has done in involving itself in sharing and receiving information from other police departments around the world. Only a few years ago, pedophiles came to Thailand as it was just about impossible to be discovered. Now, if you’re not stopped at the Thai airport, as Gary Glitter and several others have been, you’ll likely be discovered not long after.

Surprising to some Thais too who, from the news of several western pedophiles being arrested lately, must think many western men are like this, the vast majority of westerners I know or who I hear of who live in Thailand are always happy when yet another western pedophile gets arrested.

Many of the westerners who live in Thailand, myself included, not only classify Thailand as ‘home’ but also work hard to contribute to the well-being of the country, and we don’t want to see western
pedophiles being given a ‘free pass’, any more than Thais do. Most of us love Thailand and adore Thais, who are themselves such trusting people, and that their children are being put at risk by these disgusting men (and yes, so far, it’s always men) is something all of us abhor.

So, a big thank you to the Thai police and Thai authorities for their continued work against foreign pedophiles. Keep up the good work. And to foreign pedophiles who are still in Thailand or considering coming, stay away. You’re about as welcome as bird flu.


Photo copyright – Thailand highway patrol police car – copyright Highway Patrol Images, Creative Commons License