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Thai Military Tells Foreigners “Leave Thailand and Leave Us Alone”: Great PR Move for Tourist Industry

thai military anti coup protesters bangkok ratchayothin
Thai soliders blocking anti-coup protesters today at Bangkok’s Major Ratchayothin mall – photo from Twitter’s @NewsBreaker


In a fascinating addition to the Thai military’s constant proclamations since Thursday’s illegal military coup in Thailand, the Thai military is now telling foreigners “Leave Thailand and leave us alone” – that’s if you have any disagreement with the military coup. What a fabulous PR move and superbly helpful for the failing Thai tourist industry. Not!

That message came in an incredibly defensive notice in response to the deafening uproar from the international community after the now 19th military coup in Thailand this week. The Thai military then responded with this:


thai military tells foreigners leave thailandthai military tells foreigners leave thailand 2

I don’t know about you, but I have no problem taking my custom and money out of Thailand and elsewhere if that’s what the Thai military wants me to do. How about you?