Thai Police Looking for Topless Casino in Bangkok

Photo copyright – ccarlstead, Creative Commons License


According to the Bangkok Post, there could be a topless casino in Bangkok. This, after photos were published online this week showing a casino with one attendant completely topless, and another wearing just a bra and panties. Thai police believe the casino is in Thailand as the money on the table is Thai baht, and instructions on the wall are written in Thai. Right now, they’re betting it’s probably Bangkok.

Of course, gambling is illegal so casinos in Thailand are not allowed, but that has never stopped thousands of gambling joints popping up all over the country — most of which are allowed to stay open due to kickbacks they pay to police.

In fact, some illegal casinos in Thailand are thought to even run by or protected by police and military officials, so the thought that Thai police are now looking for a topless casino is kind of funny. After all, some in the police force probably already know where it is.