Thailand 90 day reporting online website crashes first day it goes live — no surprise there, eh?

Thailand’s 90 day reporting online site is already broken

Anyone who has lived in Thailand for any length of time, or has dealt with Thai governmental requirements online more than once, knows one thing for sure.

Every time a new Thai government website is launched, it will stop working correctly or completely crash within a few hours of going live.

That is why there is no surprise in the expat community today when, only a few hours after the newly announced 90 day reporting online website in Thailand was launched, it crashed.

Several hours later, the site is still down, and not likely to be up or working properly for days to come. If at all.

The Thai online 90 day reporting site was supposed to make it easier for foreign nationals to report their address every 90 days.

Something every foreign national in Thailand must do if they have been in the country for 90 days.

That means, whether it is their first year living in the country or their 33rd, the Thai government must know where they are living at all times.

The URL for the new 90 day reporting site in Thailand is this —

It is a website that did, apparently, work for a few people this morning, but soon after gave up the ghost.

If history is anything to go by then, you can probably expect programmers to mess with the site for a few days, but don’t be surprised if Immigration suddenly announces the website is no longer available.

This, unfortunately, is the Internet in Thailand when it comes to almost every Immigration website.

Something that is a shame as, if you deal with Thai Immigration in person, most people working there are extremely efficient and knowledgeable.

It is just a pity the organization cannot seem to find computer programmers who know how to do their job.

Until the 90 day reporting site is fixed then, if it ever is, anyone needing to file a 90 day report in Thailand will have to do it in person.

The old-fashioned way.