Thank You BBC’s Karishma Vaswani For Honest Reporting About Floods in Bangkok Center

In the days of some pretty abysmal reporting about Bangkok’s floods from so many sources, including organizations like the BBC and CNN who sometimes don’t seem to know where some areas of Bangkok actually are, it was refreshing to hear BBC reporter Karishma Vaswani reporting from Bangkok this morning.

When the news anchor, in his introduction about Bangkok’s floods, spoke about “flooding in the center of Bangkok”, as soon as she started to speak live from Bangkok, Karishma Vaswani immediately said, “actually, the center of Bangkok has been lucky to be spared the worst”.

She then went on to explain the flooding was mainly in the north of Bangkok and in the rest of Thailand, but that the center of the city had not seen any flooding, (*except for minor flooding around the Chao Praya River at high tide, which usually recedes an hour after high tide in most areas – my added note).

A refreshing change from so many BBC and other international reporters, who it seems would have everyone believe every one of Bangkok’s 12 million-plus people is swimming in chest-deep water.

Thanks Karishma.

We in Bangkok, still completely dry and feeling terribly sad for those who are not, are appreciative.