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Twitter Tweets Causing Panic in Bangkok Floods – Stop Being So Irresponsible


While Twitter can be used for good, unfortunately in the case of Bangkok’s current flooding situation, in many cases Twitter is doing nothing but causing more panic, as idiots, who think it’s fun to spread every rumour about ‘floods’ in Bangkok, tweet lies, with little regard for how it may affect other people. People already worried enough about Bangkok’s floods and in danger of losing their homes.

Now, usually, I rarely ever go on Twitter as it’s nothing but a huge time suck, with more misinformation than information, and populated by so many people who may be in their 20s, 30s and 40s but seem to have the mental capacity of a six year old

Over the course of today, I’ve spent around an hour, during various times of the day, reading Twitter tweets #ThaiFloodEng,, in an effort to find useful information about latest flooding news. And let me say, other than tweets from a handful of people, it’s nothing but fools tweeting and retweeting every rumour they’ve heard and every “new road flooded” while they sit staring at their computer screen with no more clue about what’s flooding than what they read on Twitter a minute ago.

Today, I’ve seen tweets saying it’s flooding in my area, with “water coming so fast it will soon be in downtown” (there isn’t a drop of water in sight). I’ve seen people talk about flooding “coming soon” to Kaset Sart, Chatuchak, and the Ladprao area of the city and other idiots talking about how “all 50 districts may be flooded today”.  If any of these tweets were actually true, the water would be coming at the force of a tsunami, at least as big as the one in Japan. Last I checked we didn’t get tsunamis in Bangkok and, if we did, they sure as heck don’t come from the north.

Seriously people, have some respect. Thais all over Bangkok are worried about possible flooding, and particularly those who live in one-storey houses or near klongs. These are people’s lives and livelihoods you are messing with while you tweet your garbage about places in Bangkok being flooded; people you’re causing unnecessary pain to.  People who, in many cases, if it does flood, will lose everything they own and will have no money to replace it.

Tweeting lies, gossip and utter garbage on Twitter about areas of Bangkok “flooding”  is incredibly irresponsible, bordering on criminal and, jesus, didn’t your parents teach you any better?