Video shows Thai woman pickpocketed in London by all-female gang

Thai woman pickpocketed in London’s West Emd

A video shot by a Thai woman in London last week showed her friend being pickpocketed by an all-female gang as the two women crossed the street on a pedestrian crossing.  The pickpockets got away with a designer wallet, £400 in cash and credit cards.

The two women, Nina Spencer and her friend Toi McGurran, who was visiting from Thailand, were in London’s West End, when Toi decided to film a selfie video.

As the pair crossed the street, the camera picked up two women walking behind them. One woman looked down at Nina’s bag, while another one placed a large black bag in front of the first woman’s hand, so that she could steal the wallet without being noticed by passers-by.

As soon as Nina’s wallet was firmly in the woman’s hand, she moved to the side, handed the wallet off to a third woman, and all of the women veered off to the side and hurried away.

As Nina and Toi reached the opposite side of the street, Nina realized her bag was open. It was then she discovered her wallet was missing.

Although British newspapers reported the crime, including screenshots of the all-female gang taken from Toi’s video, so far the thieves have not been caught.

The world’s worst cities for pickpocketing

The news of a Thai woman pickpocketed in London is probably not too surprising for anyone that has spent any time in the British city, where pickpocketing has increased by 80 percent in recent years, with most thieves never being caught.

In this instance, however, the faces of the three women involved in the theft are clearly visible.

Interestingly, however, even though London has a large number of active pickpockets, it is still not in the top 10 worst cities in the world for pickpockets.

That falls to Barcelona, Spain at the top of the list, followed by these other nine. Only two out of the 10 are not in Europe.

As for Nina and Toi, although the two Thai women reported the theft to London police immediately, Nina has yet to get her money and credit cards back.