Why Farangs Love Dr. Seree Supratid and His Daily “Thailand’s Worst Flood” Report

Screenshot from Dr. Seree video on Thai PBS video channel – he’s here with his delightful flood co-host, Darin Klong-Ugkara.

In the last couple of weeks, Dr. Seree Supratid (also known as Dr. Seri  Supharatid) has become a TV and internet sensation in Thailand.

The doctor, the current Director of Rangsit University’s Centre on Climate Change and Disaster, is a new featured flood commentator on Thai PBS TV every evening.

But, not only does Dr. Seree give an updated flood report in Thai at around 8:15pm, he also gives a similar report in English at 8:45pm, on the same channel. In the typical English-language drought that is Thai news media, it’s no wonder farangs love Dr. Seree.

But, farangs love him for even more reasons than just that he speaks in English. Dr. Seree is seemingly one of the few people in the Thai news media that is telling the truth about Bangkok’s flooding situation and so far, nine times out of ten, his assessments have been correct.

During the month-long Bangkok floods, most of the Thai news media’s coverage of the flooding has been poor.

In fact, with non-verified reports from all over the city, as well as contradictory statements from numerous Thai ‘experts’ about the future of Bangkok’s floods, if you read an English-language Thai newspaper, you weren’t going to get much accurate information.

Then, along came Dr. Seree Supratid on Thai PBS. An intelligent, calm and rational man, Dr. Seree simply tells it like it is.

In his nightly commentary (well, nightly from Monday to Friday), Dr. Seree stands in front of a huge map of Bangkok and surrounding areas and calmly points out what has already happened with flood water, and where he thinks the water will end up next.

In almost every case, he is correct.

What is fascinating to many farangs too is, after we read the latest government announcement, or something the governor of Bangkok, the BMA or FROC has to say, we can then tune in to Dr. Seree to hear him say what we have already been thinking – “Wrong. That’s not going to happen”.

Unlike many other Thai flood experts, who seem to be doing nothing more than “blah blah blahing” on TV, Dr. Seree also visits flood areas throughout Bangkok daily, so he is actually reporting what he has seen happening on the ground.

You can watch Dr. Seree Supratid from Monday thru Friday on Thai PBS at around 8:15pm in Thai and, again, at 8:45pm in English. He is helped by Darin Klong-Ugkara, who goes with him to flooded sites every day, then reports with Dr. Seree on what she has seen.

If you miss the broadcast, you can see it a few minutes later, when it’s posted on Thai PBS’ website at http://www3.thaipbs.or.th/flood54/

For the English version look further down the page where it says “Thailand’s Worst Floods”, and you will see all the latest videos there. Dr. Seree usually appears about 7-10 minutes into the 15 minute broadcast. (I recommend, once the video loads, clicking on the link to YouTube where Thai PBS has uploaded their videos.  Each video is much larger there, than on Thai PBS website, so it’s easier to see what Dr. Seree is pointing at on the map)

Meanwhile, here is last night’s broadcast. Dr. Seree appears at just after 10:30 on the video.