407 Dark Flight – New Thai 3-D Horror Movie Hits Movie Screens (Video)


407 Dark Flight is a scary new Thai horror movie that’s sure to please Asian horror fans, but that may just put you off flying permanently. 407 Dark Flight tells the story of flight attendant, New, who is trapped on a plane as a ghost appears and passengers and crew begin to die, one by one. Can they stop the ghost? Will the plane crash? Will everyone die? What’s the real story behind the ghost of 407 Dark Flight?

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out, and it’s in Thai theatres now.

407 Dark Flight was directed by Isara Nadee and stars Klaokaew Sintepdol, Masha Wattanapanich (known for her role as twins Pim and Ploy in the 2007 Thai horror movies ‘Alone’), Namo Tongkumnerd, Peter Knight, and Poramet Noi-um.

Oh, and to make 407 Dark Flight even scarier, it’s in 3-D, so you get to really see those ghosts jumping out at you.