Bangkok 7-11s Fully Stocked After Floods – Finally

Shelves full of Lay's potato chips and more going up soon


More snacks and bags and bags of my favorite peanuts - oh, happy day


Such a happy day today for me. For the first time in almost two months, my local 7-11 is finally full-stocked. Milk, bread, sandwiches, Lay’s potato chips, peanuts, yoghurts, coffee, Red Bull, soy milk, tissues — everything I normally buy, all there. Yaaaay!

Since our floods drained in northern Bangkok a month ago, it’s been depressing going to the 7-11 trying to buy anything (I shop at the 7-11 a lot for basics, as it’s three blocks closer than my local supermarket and actually a bit cheaper), as nothing was in supply. Only three days ago, I went in with a list of 12 things and could only buy two of them as everything else was out of stock.

But…today when I walked in, there were boxes stacked up everywhere and shelves were being stocked.

I must admit, I probably bought more than I needed, but I was so happy to see everything there. No more dragging around four different stores in my neighborhood just to find everything I needed.

Yep. I love my 7-11.


The noodle aisle in my local 7-11 last week. Pathetic, eh?