Best Bakeries in Hua Hin, Thailand – Cakes, Pastries, Bread and More


Hua Hin has many wonderful bakeries selling everything from Thai buns, pastries, curry puffs and cookies to German bread, French tartes and other yummy sweets. Start with these three Hua Hin bakeries. Westerners and Thais think they’re three of the best patisseries and bakeries in town.

Hua Hin Bakery – One of the most well-known bakeries in Hua Hin, the Hua Hin Bakery sells a huge amount of baked goods over the course of a week. Here, you’ll find delicious home-made breads — French loaves, Italian bread, wheat bread, rye bread, white bread — in fact, if you’re from Europe or America, you’ll find most of the breads you’re used to eating back home here.

Hua Hin Bakery also specializes in pies, tartes, cakes, croissants, muffins, buns, danish, cinnamon rolls, pies and cookies. Prices are very cheap with many of their pastries, rolls and danish starting at only 15 baht (50 cents).

You can even eat a meal here as their small menu of burgers, steaks, spaghetti and pies is quite delicious. Their coffee isn’t bad either.

Hua Hin Bakery is at 63/15-16 Chomsin Road in Hua Hin – It’s located next to the Gee Un Tung Supermarket.

Cake Chutima – Known for its huge selection of incredible cakes, Cake Chutima is owned by Thai baker, Chutima Muanjun and is actually the largest bakery in town.

At Cake Chutima, you’ll find lots of your usual favorites, plus Thai-style recipes you’ve probably never seen before. In fact, with more than 150 items on the shelves at any one time, and with items changing often, every visit to Cake Chutima is a nightmare of indecision, as they’re all so darned tasty.

Chutima is famous in Hua Hin for her cream cakes, as well as all manner of Thai-style stuffed buns – shredded pork, sugared taro buns and curry puffs, just to name a few. Her prices are inexpensive, particularly for the superb quality.

Cake Chutima isn’t just a place to run by and grab a pastry either. It’s a sit-down cafe, where you can enjoy one of the tastiest lattes in Hua Hin, eaten with a creamy, decadent cheesecake and all while you sit and watch the world go by. She’s open seven days a week, starting at 7am and closing at 9pm.

Cake Chutima is at 51 Naeb-Kehardt Road, Hua Hin.

Baan Krai Wang (The Home Near the Palace) – Another Hua Hin bakery everyone raves about is Baan Krai Wang. Liked for its cute patio, gorgeous tropical gardens, lots of seating and delicious cakes and pastries, Baan Krai Wang is one of Hua Hin’s gems. It’s located right on the ocean front too, so the views are simply lovely.

Baan Krai Wang main specialty (although they have several) is an absolutely incredible soft chocolate pudding that, when you stick your fork into it, dissolves into a mound of warm, rich chocolate. They also have cheesecake, pastries, coconut cake, and a lemon cheesecake that’s to die for. Try their Thai iced tea too. It’s perfect for a warm day by the beach.

You’ll find Baan Krai Wang also on Naeb-Kehardt Road in Hua Hin – just down the street from Cake Chutima.