Border Runs From Thailand to Myanmar Made Easy With 3 New Crossings

border cambodia


There’s good news for people who need to do border runs from Thailand to another country and would prefer not to go to Cambodia. Three new Thailand-Malaysia border crossings are set to open, with one temporary Myanmar border crossing already being made permanent as of today, May 8th, 2013. That means, anyone who wants to do border runs from Thailand to Myanmar will now be able to. Easily.

The first new permanent Myanmar-Thailand border crossing is at Singkhon near the town of Prachuap, which will be opened officially today. The other two, at Three Pagodas Pass in Kanchanaburi, and Ban Nam Pu Ron in Kanchanaburi.

With this news, however, there hasn’t been any explanation from either the Myanmar or Thai government about what this will mean for people wanting to do a border run to Myanmar.

Will they be allowed to do a quick hop across the border and get stamped with a 14-day visa to Myanmar and then return to Thailand, as is normal on a trip to Myanmar, or will buying a visa for Myanmar be required in Thailand before departing? If the latter, that will make some border runs a little more difficult.

Stay tuned as we’ll update you as we find out more. Meanwhile, read more about what a visa run is (also known as a ‘border run’), and find out the easiest way to do one.