Buying Amy’s Organic Medium Chili in Bangkok, Thailand

amy's organic medium chili


Buying Amy’s Organic Chili in Bangkok – yes, you can

If you’re a fan of Amy’s Organic Medium Chili, or any of Amy’s other canned chili products, you’ll be happy to know you can buy them in Bangkok, Thailand. I picked up a can of Amy’s Organic Medium Chili at Tops Supermarket at the Central Ladprao mall today and, on the shelf, also spotted Amy’s Chili with Vegetables, Amy’s Organic Spicy Chili, her Organic Medium Chili with Vegetables and even cans of Amy’s Organic Black Bean Chili.

At only 160 baht ($5.25), while about four times the cost of similar Thai food, for an imported food product, I didn’t think the price was too bad.

If you’re already a fan of Amy’s food, you can probably stop reading right here, as all you need to know is you can buy Amy’s Organic Medium Chili at any Tops Supermarket in Bangkok. If, however, you haven’t tried the chili and have wondered what it’s like — read on.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not a fan of Amy’s brand of foods. When I lived in California, I tried a variety and always found them bland, tasteless and a bit dry. They are, however, super healthy, use all organic produce, including non-GMO food, and for vegetarians or vegans in Bangkok are a nice alternative for having to cook your own food. Calorie-wise too, for just the chili, it was only 280 calories — not bad at all.

What to eat Amy’s Organic Chili with

Tonight I ate my half can of Amy’s Organic Medium Chili over a half bowl of a mixture of brown and white rice. You can buy already-cooked single-serving bags of white rice at any Thai supermarket for around 5 baht (16 cents), or 10 baht (32 cents) for brown rice, which makes something like a can of Amy’s chili even more convenient.

I tend to buy both white and brown and then mix them as I don’t like the taste of just brown rice by itself. It’s too nutty for me.

So, I spooned half a can of Amy’s Chili over the rice and microwaved it. From start to finish it took 3 minutes — not bad for quick dinner preparation. But, upon taking my first spoonful of chili and rice, I recalled my first and every other Amy’s food brand experience, as the chili was similar — a bit bland and certainly not spicy at least by Thai standards.

However, I might actually like Amy’s chili if I add a little chili sauce, and eat it with a mound of fresh grilled vegetables on a wholewheat fajita as I think the half bowl of rice took away some of its flavor.

That’s what I’m going to do with some of the leftover chili tomorrow. If that works out and tastes better, I’ll definitely buy it again.

I do, however, doubt any Thai would ever buy Amy’s Organic Chili, at least in the medium version, and enjoy it — not unless they added several spoons of hot chili sauce and a boatload of vegetables — as for a typical Thai taste it really is quite bland.