CP Foods Stir-Fried Chicken and Basil With Rice – a Delicious Frozen Meal

cp stir fried chicken and rice


I’m sitting at my computer eating a CP stir-fried chicken and basil with rice frozen ready meal. CP Foods, or Charoen Pokphand Foods, is one of the most popular processed food companies in Thailand offering CP frozen ready meals, CP meats, CP sandwiches, CP  snacks, CP ice cream, and a whole lot more. And yes, you can buy CP ready meals everywhere in Thailand.

I don’t normally eat processed or frozen food, but my apartment building has just installed a refrigerator in the small shop downstairs and it’s packed with CP frozen foods. I will make an exception for CP ready meals as they are some of the best quality frozen foods in Thailand. Plus, it’s pouring down raining, it’s steamingly hot and I really don’t feel like going outside.

So, for 79 baht ($2.65), I just bought a very tasty CP stir-fried chicken and basil with rice ready meal, and it’s currently going down nicely with a can of Singha beer.

I particularly like the CP stir-fried chicken and basil ready meal as It tastes fresh, doesn’t have any preservatives and is completely Halal (meaning Muslims can enjoy it). Unlike many other processed ready meals in Thailand, it also has very flavorful and fresh Thai jasmine rice and succulent chicken that tastes like it was just stripped off the bone. Charoen Pokphand Foods produce most of their own foods as well as create ready made meals, so the quality of food you get from them is usually very high.

Although I do definitely recommend not only this but also other CP frozen ready meals, just be aware, if you are used to the similar CP frozen meals in the UK, don’t expect them to taste the same in Thailand.

Thais like their food spicy so a typical frozen CP ready meal in Thailand will be much more spicy than what you are used to in England. In fact, it might just blow your head off. But, yes, it is incredibly delicious.