Doi Tung Coffee, Thailand – Awesome Coffee, Cool Charity

I love Doi Tung coffee shops. All over Bangkok, and outside the city too, this chain is a spin-off of a Thai royal family charity, with proceeds from the coffee shops going to help hill tribe peoples in northern Thailand.

Every branch of Doi Tung sells delicious coffee, superb lattes, a kick-ass blended green tea shake, and the fruit juice shakes aren’t bad either.

Add in a great selection of pastries and cookies, and at prices 15-20% lower than Starbucks, comfy chairs, and free Internet and Doi Tung is the coffee shop to visit in Thailand. The staff is really lovely as well.

In recent years, Doi Tung has expanded so much, due to it being a popular place for a good coffee or tea drink, you will also find one quite close to you no matter where you are in Bangkok.

When you do, not only will you enjoy the tasty drinks, cakes and snacks, but be warned you may have problems not buying every one of the handicrafts the shops also sell.

In fact, every time I go to a Doi Tung coffee shop, I buy something from their huge array of handmade Thai products, as the quality is gorgeous and their prices are incredibly cheap.

Pottery, handmade cards, scarves, shawls, bags, key chains, rugs, carved wooden bowls, hats – they also sell unique products only available at Doi Tung, and all the proceeds go back into the hill tribe communities that made them.

There are really so many reasons to adopt Doi Tung cafes as your new home away from home, I am amazed when I meet people in Bangkok who have never been to one, as they really are the perfect coffee shop.

For Doi Tung locations, check here.