Durians that Don’t Smell to Hit Thailand Markets: Odourless and Tasty

The normal, smelly durian – copyright Yun Huang Yong, Creative Commons


Now I don’t like the durian fruit. Not just because of the smell which, to me, is particularly vile, but also because they taste like a mix between sweaty feet and vomit. But, it seems, at least the smell isn’t going to bother me anymore, if producers of the new odourless durian soon to hit the Thai market have their say. The durians that don’t smell have been specially cultivated and grown in the Uttaradit province of Thailand and are expected to make a lot of money for the region. Apparently, it’s not just me who hates the smell.

The two new varieties of odourless durian are called ‘Longlaplae’ and ‘Linlaplae’, and they’re both seedless too. They weigh about a kilogram each, and are expected to bring in over 900 million baht (about $29.4 million) in the next year alone — there must be millions of people around the world who love durian but eat it with their fingers holding their noses. Now they won’t have to.

If you want to try the new none-smelly durian, you won’t have to wait long. The season begins in June, so they should be on a market stall near you very soon. Me? I’ll decline.