Eat Thai Pocky – Less Than 200 Calories, These Flavored Pretzel Sticks Are Awesome

If you’ve ever been to Asia, you’re probably familiar with the small boxes of flavored pretzel sticks called Pocky. Originally made in Japan, Pocky is a popular snack now made in Thailand. Manufactured by Glico, the pretzel sticks come in several flavors and are popular with kids and adults alike. But what are Thai Pocky and where can you buy them? 

What are Pocky? – First of all, don’t confuse the Thai Pocky with the Japanese version. Sure, they’re made by the same company, Glico, but the taste is different and so is the price. Where Japanese Pocky is up to $3 a box, Thai Pocky retails in Thailand for only 15 baht (50 cents). As for what they are, Pocky are thin pretzel sticks that are coated in a chocolate or candy coating and sold in a small cardboard snack box. 

What Flavors of Pocky Are There in Thailand? – The Thai version of Pocky currently has four flavors – chocolate, strawberry, milk and chocobanana. The pretzel stick is coated in a chocolate or candy coating and then the coating is left to harden. Once it’s hardened, the sticks are packed into foil envelopes and then into small boxes.

When you first eat a Pocky stick, the immediate thing you can taste is the candy coating. But, as soon as you bite down on the snack, the taste of the slightly sweet pretzel stick comes through, which gives a nice contrast to the very sweet coating. Pockys are satisfyingly sweet and crunchy. A great combination for a quick afternoon snack, or a small after lunch or dinner dessert. 

Which Flavors of Thai Pocky Are The Best? – Honestly, they’re all delicious. The strawberry and chocobanana Pocky are very sweet and, for me, I can only eat half a box at a time. A box is around 25 sticks so, at 10, I’m starting to feel slightly sick and have to put the rest of the box away for a later time.

The chocolate Pocky taste very much like plastic but the secret to enjoying these is to dip them in a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. The heat melts the chocolate and they really do taste divine. But only dip them in the hot liquid for a second or two, otherwise the chocolate melts off the pretzel stick completely.

The milk Pocky are actually quite mild, more of a biscuit flavor than a pretzel flavor, so eating a box of these isn’t too difficult. 

How Many Calories Are There in Thai Pocky? – Thai Pocky is actually a quite low-calorie snack. Each box is between 200 and 230 calories but, because they’re so filling, you don’t even have to eat the whole box. Half a box would only be around 100 calories and is just as filling as a candy bar like Twix or Mars.

So, a lot of Thai girls eat Pocky even if they’re on a diet. You experience a nice sweet taste without eating too many calories. Most of the flavors too have less than 90 calories out of the 200 as fat, so it’s not too bad for you.

Who Sells Thai Pocky? – In Thailand, you can buy Thai Pocky anywhere. At the 7-11, every supermarket, drug stores like Boots and Watson’s, mom and pop stores, movie theaters, just about anywhere you’ll find snacks, you’ll find Thai Pocky.

If you’re in a larger town in the US, Asian supermarkets will often sell Thai Pocky and Thai supermarkets in cities like Los Angeles and New York definitely will. In some cities too, World Market sometimes carries Thai Pocky.

Ingredients in Thai Pocky: Wheat flour 45%, sugar 28%, palm oil 14%, cocoa powder 5%, margarine 4%, milk powder 3%, cocoa mass 1%. 1.82 oz net.