Farm Design Japanese Cheesecake: The Best in Bangkok?

Farm Design Bangkok

Farm Design – do they serve the best cheesecake in Bangkok?

Farm Design is a Japanese cheesecake bakery with branches in Bangkok, Thailand, and let me just tell you — they serve the BEST cheesecake I have ever eaten anywhere. Seriously.

Sadly, though, I had been missing out on the amazing taste of Farm Design cheesecake as I had actually never eaten cheesecake there until a couple of weeks ago, when I was at Central Ladprao with a Thai friend.

Of course, we had eaten lunch at S&P, but were jonesing for coffee and dessert. Unfortunately (or……fortunately for us and for Farm Design), every coffee and dessert shop we normally go to at Central Ladprao was packed, as it was a local Thai holiday.

Then my friend, a big Everything-Japanese freak. suddenly spotted Farm Design, let out a shriek of “Hokkaido milk” and went on to tell me Hokkaido, Japan is world-famous for its delicious milk, as their dairy cows grow up eating rich grass and breathing in fresh air.

We then discovered that Farm Design is a small cheesecake bakery and coffee shop that sells a variety of flavors of homemade cheesecake, all made with Hokkaido milk.

After salivating for a few minutes as we gazed at all the cheesecakes on offer, and not knowing which one to choose as they all looked so amazing, we decided to go with the original — just plain cheesecake – as well as two iced lattes.

Farm Design Cheesecake Bangkok

Now, of course, I base whether I like a food or not on how it tastes but, I have to admit what also I loved about my slice of Farm Design cheesecake was how beautiful the presentation was, as it was delivered to our table displayed on a large wooden cutting board shaped like a huge slice of Swiss cheese complete with holes.

But, what made Farm Design cheesecake even more incredible was the taste. Rich, creamy and so deliciously milky, I havenever tasted anything like it.

I will, however, be tasting something absolutely like it again this week (well……in other flavors), as Farm Design cheesecake just became my favorite Bangkok dessert.

If you too love cheesecake and have not yet tried Farm Design cheesecake, you really are missing a treat. In fact, you really should head there as fast as you can.

Luckily, you will find Farm Design locations at Central Ladprao, Terminal 21, Central Rama 9, Central World Plaza, Emporium, Fashion Island and various other malls around Bangkok, so you will not have to go far to eat some.

Meanwhile, check out more beautiful photographs of their incredible Hokkaido milk cheesecake on the Farm Design Facebook page. Yum!