How to Find a Good Travel Agent in Bangkok, Thailand


Millions of foreign nationals  come to Bangkok, Thailand each year, then travel to other countries from here.  Some make travel arrangements in Bangkok to fly out of Thailand or to take a bus or boat, but they’re not always sure which Bangkok travel agent to use. There are thousands of travel agents in Bangkok and, like anywhere, some are better than others.

To minimize any travel problems you might have, why not try one of these good and reliable Bangkok travel agents, and your trip out of Bangkok will be less likely to be fraught with problems.

CWC Travel – I’ve used CWC Travel a couple of times for trips to Hong Kong and Singapore and I’ve never been disappointed. They deal with both international and domestic travel plans, and you can also arrange to hire a car through them. The one thing I love about CWC Travel is most of my plane reservations were just made with them through e-mail and then, after I paid for my plane tickets, CWC Travel had the tickets couriered to me. For more information you can contact them at 02-663-3371.

Pacific Horizon Travel – Another good travel agent I’ve used for a domestic trip to Kanchanaburi is Pacific Horizon Travel, but they also handle some international travel. Pacific Horizon Travel has friendly staff that speaks goods English and are good at following through on potential travel plans.

They also organize a lot of day trips and excursions to places like the Grand Palace, the Floating Market and the Crocodile Farm, with prices that are competitive with other Bangkok travel agents.They even have extensive listings of most of the hotels in Bangkok, and you can book these through their website at Pacific Horizon Travel.

Contact them at 27 Sukhumvit, Soi 11 or telephone at 02-255-7885.

Ultima Travel – Ultima Travel is one of the best known travel agents in Bangkok. I have Thai friends who swear by them and do all of their domestic travel arrangements through Ultima Travel.

They usually have cheap prices on package tours to places like Chiang Mai, Phuket and Krabi and are very quick to respond to an enquiry. You can also book hotels through them in Thailand, if you don’t want the whole package deal.

Licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, you can contact them at [email protected].

Azure Travel – Azure Travel in Bangkok is well known for its tours and trips around south east Asia. One Thai friend traveled with them to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and had a fabulous time. She intends to book her next trip through them too. Azure Travel organizes trips to places in Thaland, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos.

They’re very well organized, efficient and more than happy to give you lots of options if you’re not exactly sure of the details of your trip. Their prices are highly competitive too (they’re currently offering a 3 day/2 nights all-inclusive package tour to Angkor Wat in Cambodia for only $261 from Bangkok – an excellent price.

Contact Azure Travel at their website Azure Travel, or telephone them at 02-628 6811.

Diethelm Travel – I booked my last plane tickets to Malaysia through Diethelm Travel and was exceptionally impressed. Diethelm Travel in Bangkok has been awarded ‘Best Travel Agent in Thailand’ two years in a row for offering some of the best travel services in Thailand and you can easily see why.

They’re currently offering some wonderful packages to Halong Bay in Vietnam and an absolutely exceptional Photography Tour of Thailand. Diethelm Travel has staff who speak excellent English (they’re a Swiss company and not Thai, so they insist on good English language skills) and work very closely with you to organize travel plans you are completely happy.

Check out their website at Diethelm Travel for more information.

There are many travel agents in Bangkok, Thailand but try to choose one that is licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand as they are usually more reliable. Many tourists (especially backpackers) use the travel agents in and around Khao San Road, as they’re cheap but, after hearing several horror stories of trips gone array from friends, I would say avoid them and choose a larger and more reliable travel agency.