Jameson’s Irish Pub, Bangkok – Awesome Pub Grub, Excellent Beer

Located on the ground floor of Bangkok’s Holiday Inn, Jameson’s Irish Pub for some odd reason isn’t the most-visited Irish pub in the city. But it should be. Don’t get me wrong, Jameson’s is always busy but, with the caliber of live entertainment, awesome Irish pub food and good draught beer, Jameson’s should be standing room only and a line outside the door.

Where is Jameson’s? – Easy to find, Jameson’s Irish Pub is on the ground floor of Bangkok’s Holiday Inn just a few minutes walk from the Surasak BTS sky train station in the Silom area of Bangkok.

What Makes Jameson’s So Special? – You know how you arrive at some pubs and, the minute that door opens and you step inside and look around, you know this place has everything you had ever hoped for in a pub? Well Jameson’s has that, times ten. Its exterior looks like it has been picked up from a city street in Dublin and dropped in Bangkok, it is that authentic Irish.

On the inside too, Jameson’s is everything any Irish pub would long to be. A pub with a bit more class and elegance than some of Bangkok’s other Irish pubs, Jameson’s has excellent draught beer on tap, an extensive menu with Irish and Thai food, comfortable booths, 12 big screen TVs where just about every important international sporting event in the world is shown, two pool tables and live music several times a week.

Add on the friendly staff, the fun clientele and the big windows where you can sit in a booth and watch Bangkok pass by and, if you’re looking for the best Irish pub in Bangkok, you can stop now. You’ve found it.

I first found Jameson’s when I went for dinner with some western friends who had lived in Bangkok a bit longer than I had. Jameson’s was their favorite place in the city so I decided I’d give it a go. After all, who is going to turn down a free meal (they were paying), some great draught beer and, so they told me, a local band that was so good they should be international stars.

Food and Drink – The first thing I did when we arrived at Jameson’s was check the menu. There are certain things I believe should always be on an Irish pub menu and, if a new place misses some of them, to me they’re really not that Irish.

Glancing through the smaller-than-some-Bangkok-pubs menu, I quickly found what I was looking for – a nice selection of appetizers (try the potato skins, they’re scrumptious), a reasonable selection of bar sandwiches, Irish stew, fish and chips, beef Guinness pot pie, sausage and mash and a choice of tasty burgers. Yep, everything I wanted and, actually quite a bit more.

I went for the potato skins loaded with bacon, sour cream and cheese, followed by a Jameson’s BBQ bacon cheeseburger. My friends ordered garlic bread and a large Jameson’s sampler platter, which came with chicken wings, fish fingers, onion rings and a lot of other fried and not-so-healthy fare. They also ordered chili con carne, a beef Guinness pot pie and fish and chips, to share. As I never said Jameson’s was healthy, I’m not going to apologize for what we ate, but I will say if you love typical English/Irish pub food, even in England and Ireland you’d be hard pressed to beat this.

The potato skins were perfect – fat, crispy, thick potato halves, loaded with sour cream and bacon. My cheeseburger was cooked exactly as I like it, well done but not so done it’s black and crispy and, when I bit into it, it was juicy and made out of some pretty darn excellent meat. The cheese, unlike a lot of cheese in Thailand, was the tangy, real cheese deal.

My friends too declared there selections “absolutely perfect”, then all you could hear was the sound of chewing. Well, you could have if the band hadn’t suddenly started playing

Entertainment – Jameson’s is incredible for entertainment. Big screen TVs everywhere, pool tables, live bands a couple of times a week (the Thai band we saw was just as good as I’d been told and should have been on ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’), and parties. They also show football, rugby and basketball games to name just a few sporting events, so park yourself in front of one of their big screens, order a burger and a draught Tiger beer, and you’ll be set for the night.

Don’t miss Happy Hour too. Great deals on draught beer, margaritas and cocktails.

In fact, there’s so much to watch or do at Jameon’s, even if you came every night you’d never get bored.

You will find Jameson’s Irish Pub at 981 Silom Road in Bangkok.  They also have a location in Pattaya.