Kiosk Cafe at Emporium in Bangkok, Thailand – Cool Concept Cafe, Great Food, Beautiful Design


Last year, Bangkok 101 magazine wrote a review about a new cafe in Bangkok, Thailand called Kiosk. Apparently located at The Emporium mall, I racked my brains trying to remember if I’d seen it the last time I was there. No memories later, I finally called a Thai friend who explained exactly where Kiosk was located. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

Kiosk is on the very top floor of the mall, hidden away next to the movie theater but in an area called TCDC (Thailand Creative and Design Centre). Seeing as I didn’t even know that place existed, without my friend, I wouldn’t have found Kiosk either. But, the day after, I took my trusty laptop and headed to Emporium to scout out Kiosk and to write a bit. Boy, am I glad I did.

Location of Kiosk – To enjoy all Kiosk has to offer, you have to find it first. Head to Emporium mall in Bangkok, right next to Phrom Phong sky train station. Take the escalators to the almost-top-floor, where the supermarket and all the food stalls and restaurants are. Then, climb one more escalator to the movie theater and, at the top, take a quick right.

Here you’ll see a long corridor going off into a dark area completely made up of hardwood floors and dimmed lights. You’ll pass a couple of restaurants (which also look divine) and keep walking until you see what looks like a library or art space. Through the doorway here, and Kiosk is on your left-hand side.

Atmosphere at Kiosk – One of the coolest cafes I’ve laid eyes on in Bangkok, Kiosk is stunning, there’s no other word for it. All dark wood, enormous chalk boards with today’s specials on them, and huge windows overlooking Benjasiri Park, Kiosk truly is a thing of beauty.

It’s not that large, maybe 15 tables, but with its high ceilings and windows it feels enormous. Quiet when I arrived at 11:30 am but, by the time I left at 1pm, it was really hopping. My only complaint was, for the first hour, it was a little stuffy until the air conditioning seemed to kick in. Maybe because Emporium only opens at 10am, it takes a while for things to be working up to speed?

For seating you have several options, with a choice of stiff-backed chairs and small wooden tables, a counter bar around the room and a few bean bag chairs.

The Food, Oh The Food – Now, at most cafes, I’m there for the coffee and, due to its nature, the food is usually a sideline I eat but don’t always enjoy. Not at Kiosk. Kiosk manages to combine a beautiful place with incredible food and, oh, did I mention much of it is healthy too?

Kiosk serves a mix of sandwiches, salads, muffins, pastries, cakes and desserts – but not just any old fare. The ham, egg and cheese sandwich on thick crusty bread is to die for, the Eggs Benedict is superb and, although I only had a bite of this as my friend refused to share, the French toast topped with peaches is incredible. My friend and I also shared a quiche, which hit the spot.

If you’re looking for a quiet yet quite hip place to grab a coffee, a light meal and hang out for a while, you shouldn’t miss Kiosk. They also have free Wi-Fi (as I discovered to my delight), so you can work for a while there too, if you like. Nobody bothers you.

Address: Kiosk is located on the 6th Floor, TCDC, Emporium Mall, 622 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok 10110