Microwave Egg Poacher: The Best Thai Gadget I’ve Ever Bought

poached eggs on toast

This microwave egg poacher is the best Thai gadget I’ve ever owned

I love poached eggs on toast. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, several years ago, when I came across this handy microwave egg poacher — a Thai gadget that makes perfect microwave poached eggs every time — I was ecstatic.

In fact, I bought that microwave egg poacher and used it several times a week for years. Then I lost the lid and promptly forgot about buying a new one.

Fast forward to last week and I found a new egg poacher at Index Living Mall. Now, for just 60 baht ($1.95) I finally own a brand new microwave egg poacher and I couldn’t be happier.

What does a microwave egg poacher look like?

Here’s what mine looks like — it’s just two pieces of plastic. A container that perfectly holds two poached eggs and a lid.

To use it, all you do is grease each circular insert with a bit of butter and break an egg into each one. Put the lid on and place the entire thing in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, depending on which setting you use and how you like your eggs. I usually check it every 30 seconds, just to see how they’re cooking.


microwave egg poacher in thailand


egg poacher instructions

The instructions too are incredibly easy to follow, and you’ll find them on the back of the box. It’s also far easier to clean one of these handy microwave egg poachers than it is that nasty pan I used to use, full of white water and slimy left-over egg.

egg poacher with eggs

Here are the raw eggs, in the egg poacher, with the lid on and ready to go in the microwave. They look a bit like a couple of boobs on a topless sunbather lying on her back on a beach but….as long as I get perfect poached eggs, I don’t care!

As for the end result? Check the photograph at the top of the page. My perfect microwaved poached eggs on toast. Total time spent? Three minutes (well….. and three minutes to take photographs!) Nice, eh?

Like I said, you too can pick one up at any Index Living Mall store in Thailand for only 60 baht.

Or, if you’re not in Thailand, various online sellers sell them starting at around $4 and all the way up to $12.94 for the fancy-schmancy style.

Okay….I’m off to make microwave poached eggs on toast for breakfast. Yum!