Most Popular and Best South American Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

el gaucho bangkok



When I moved to Bangkok, Thailand more than a decade ago, I doubt I could have told you if there was a South American restaurant in the city, let alone knew where one was. Twelve years later, however, not only can I name a number of excellent South American restaurants in Bangkok, I’ve eaten at most of them many times.

If you are looking for a good South American restaurant to eat at with friends, family or business associates, while all of the restaurants in Bangkok I have eaten at have been excellent, these three are the absolute best.

El Gaucho – If you ask anyone for a recommendation for an Argentinian restaurant in Bangkok, don’t be suprised if they all say “El Gaucho”. The most popular Argentinian restaurant in the city, even though it’s only been open for a short time, it’s actually not surprising people love it as it really is one of the best.

El Gaucho is famous all over Bangkok for its incredible South American-style steaks and ribs.That’s why, if you’re a meat lover, you should not miss eating here as you’re not likely to find a better piece of meat in the city. Do be warned, however, an average steak at El Gaucho is in the $50-75 range so, while it may be melt-in-your-mouth delicious, it’s certainly not cheap.

To get the same experience but at a cheaper price, order a burger, sausages, or a chicken dish. They’re still excellent, as are the side dishes that come with themand the dessert you’ll eat afterwards, but the price you pay will be in the more ‘affordable’ realm. Remember as well, if you do love a great cut of meat, El Gaucho has a butcher so you can buy your meat on the spot and cook it the way you like it at home in your own kitchen.

You’ll find El Gaucho at Sukhumvit Soi 19 in the Klong Toey area of Bangkok.

Rio Brazilian Grill – Rio Brazilian Grill is one of the hidden secrets of Bangkok as it’s located in the Asia Hotel, a hotel that’s known for being in the ‘bar girl’ area of town and for the dodgy expats that tend to stay there. Interestingly, however, they have one of the best barbecue restaurants in town – the Rio Brazilian Grill.

Rio Brazilian Grill is an all-you-can eat Brazilian restaurant that serves every type of meat you could want – steaks, sausages, chicken, lamb, pork and even ostrich and, for the fish lovers, fresh salmon – along with a huge salad bar, side dishes, rice, lots of different sauces and, of course, dessert. What’s even more astounding is the price they charge – only 590 baht or just less than $20 per person.

Rio Brazilian Grill is in the Asia Hotel at 296 Phayathai Road in Bangkok, just a couple of minutes walk from the Ratchethewi BTS sky train station. You can find out more about them on the Asia Hotel’s website.

Panorama Restaurant – An upscale and quite expensive restaurant that specializes in various Brazilian charcuterie nights, the Panorama Restaurant is located at the Crown Plaza Hotel. Like most Brazilian restaurants in Bangkok, the focus of the meal during their charcuterie nights is on the steaks and other meats South Americans seem to love so much. That means you get a huge selection of steaks, pork chops, ribs, lamb cutlets, spicy sausages and various other barbecued meats — all of which are beautifully cooked and served.

You’ll also find a sushi bar, crab legs, a huge salad bar, a bar full of traditional Brazilian dishes to try and, for those who have a sweet tooth, an enormous dessert bar full of cakes, pastries, cheescakes, Thai desserts and fresh fruit. While, yes, the price is quite high, for the standard of food you are served and the enormous selection of things to try, I’ve always felt it was well worth the price.

Panorama is located on floor 23 of the Crown Plaza Hotel at 952 Rama IV Road in Bangrak, Bangkok.