NYCC New York Cheesecake at Crystal Design Center – Bangkok’s Best Cheescake – Really


On a trip to Bangkok, Thailand’s Crystal Design Center, don’t miss NYCC New York Cheesecake. A stand-alone restaurant that’s cutely designed, if nothing else the large Statue of Liberty by the door will draw your eye. But, once you enter, scan their nice selection of sandwiches and cakes, and then partake of a couple, you’ll discover this lovely cafe doesn’t just have a pretty face. The food is wonderful too.

Location of NYCC New York Cheesecake – Located in the massive Crystal Design Center, an outdoor design and restaurant complex at 1420/1 Praditmanutham Road in Bangkok, NYCC is next to Building B.

The Food – NYCC New York Cheesecake’s menu is limited, with just a few choices of sandwiches, salads, cakes, and coffee and tea drinks. But….what they have is quite spectacular. Thais are flocking to it by the thousands and swear they’ve never had a better cheesecake. Personally, I tend to agree.

Start off your visit to NYCC with a sandwich. With around six or seven to choose from, they are famous for their pastrami sandwich, which I’ve been told by several Bangkokians is the best pastrami sandwich in Bangkok. Personally, I’m not sure if it’s the best in Bangkok, as it’s the only one I’ve eaten here. But, I have to say, it rivals any pastrami sandwich I’ve eaten in the US,and that is a huge compliment.

If pastrami isn’t your thing, their corned beef sandwiches are amazing and, my personal favorite, the chicken and bacon sandwich is a must order. Be warned, the sandwiches are absolutely huge — with even more filling than bread, and towering so high on the plate, the whole thing just about falls over.

For dessert, there’s an excellent choice of, I think, some of the best cheesecakes around, as well as several other styles of cake. Try the Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake, the New York Cheesecake (with strawberry sauce, if you like) or a slice of fresh Carrot Cake. Again, slices are enormous and one piece will easily serve at least two people. Cheesecakes are rich and creamy and simply superb. Their cakes are pretty darned amazing too. Prices average between 150-200 baht ($5-$6.50) but, as each slice serves at least two, they really are a reasonable deal.

Apparently cakes and cheesecake are flown in from the US so, yes, they are the real deal.

NYCC New York Cheesecake opens at 10:30 every morning and stays open until 9pm at night. If you want to get a seat around lunch or dinner time, arrive early as, being just a smile place, there are only 10 tables and five of these are outside on the patio.