O’Reilly’s Irish Pub – Best Pub in Bangkok?

Updated — Sadly, O’Reilly’s Irish Pub in Bangkok closed permanently a couple of years ago — but I’m leaving this article up in remembrance, as it really was a lovely place

I came across O’Reilly’s Irish Pub in Bangkok, Thailand on my first Christmas here. Walking past it with friends, on our way to another place to eat Christmas dinner, I couldn’t help but stop and look in the window of O’Reilly’s, packed as it was with so many happy faces, drinking beer and eating a delicious-looking Christmas meal.

The next Christmas, remembering how lovely O’Reillys Irish Pub had looked, we booked for dinner here and I’ve been a happy patron ever since. O’Reillys Irish Pub in downtown Bangkok is one of the best British pubs in the city, no doubts at all.

Location of O’Reilly’s Irish Pub – If you’re looking for an Irish pub that’s easy to get to, then O’Reilly’s is the place. Right next to the Sala Daeng BTS sky train station on Silom road, you don’t get much more convenient than that. Plus, surrounded by shops and shopping malls, it’s an easy place to stop in for lunch or dinner if you’re already shopping in the area.

Atmosphere at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub – Pubs in Bangkok always seem to have a fun atmosphere. Maybe because they’re often packed with expats, whose demeanor once it’s allowed to be set free, is a little more boisterous than the Thais. Nevertheless, O’Reilly’s pub is an extremely fun place to stop off for a quick lunch or a more leisurely dinner as it’s always busy, staff is friendly, with a ready joke and constantly smiling, and there’s a nice group of regulars, giving O’Reilly’s a home-from-home feeling.

Food and Drink at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub – Of course, most people anywhere in the world visit an Irish pub for the food and drink and, on this score, O’Reilly’s is definitely a winner. With lots of food choices from a very large menu and some of the best drink on tap, it’s hard for me to narrow down a choice, every time I eat there.

Choices at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub include sandwiches, salads, burgers, grilled salmon, steaks, chili con carne, beef stroganoff, baby back ribs, donner kebabs and, of course, a pretty decent selection of Thai dishes.

I recommend the chicken and cashew nuts with rice, an O’Reilly’s hotdog, the Cajun chicken sandwich or the steak and onion baguette. My friends can’t get enough of the hamburgers (the real western deal, unlike some other Bangkok pubs) and we all love the baby back ribs. The cheese tatties are out of this world – think potato skins loaded with melted cheese and bacon – yum!

As for drinks, O’Reilly’s has a huge choice of beers, mixed drinks and wine. Of course, Guinness is on draft, as is Kilkenny beer and there’s also a great selection of after-dinner-with-coffee liquors and spirits.

Prices too at O’Reilly’s are reasonable, particularly for the portions of food and the good beer. Ordering an appetizer, a main meal, sometimes dessert (don’t miss the apple pie with ice cream), and a couple of beers, I always get out having only spent between 800-900 baht ($27-30) and for the amount of excellent food, and booze, that’s reasonable.

You’ll find O’Reilly’s Irish Pub at 62/1-4 Silom Road, Bangrak in Bangkok.