Ovaltine 3-in-1 Chocolate Malt in Thailand: Better Than Nestle’s Milo? (Video)

Ovaltine 3-in-1 -- only 37 baht ($1.22) for 5 packets at Tesco in Bangkok this week.
Ovaltine 3-in-1 — only 37 baht ($1.22) for 5 packets at Tesco in Bangkok this week.


I’ve been doing taste testing at my Bangkok house this week as I decide if I prefer Ovaltine’s 3-in-1 chocolate malt drink or that of its closest rival Nestle’s Milo. Milo is currently the top selling chocolate drink in Thailand with Ovaltine a very close second.

I don’t often drink chocolate drinks but, last week, decided to try Nestle’s Milo 3-in1. To do a taste test to decide if I’d made the right decision, at my next visit to the supermarket in Bangkok yesterday, I grabbed a bag of Ovaltine 3-in-1 chocolate malt flavor instead.

Comparing Ovaltine 3-in-1 chocolate malt with Nestle’s Milo chocolate malt is easy. Make two steaming cups of hot chocolate and sip each one slowly, comparing the taste of one to that of the other.

After going through two mugs of Ovaltine 3-in-1 chocolate malt and two more of Nestle’s Milo chocolate malt (well I had to be sure!), I made my decision.

With just a slight edge, I prefer the taste of Ovaltine 3-in-1 chocolate malt as it seems slightly ‘nuttier’ to me, smoother and, a little more chocolatey. Plus, when I accidentally poured a little too much water over the powder in my second cup, Ovaltine still retained a more chocolatey taste than did Milo.

Now, I’m not saying I’ll only buy Ovaltine 3-in-1 chocolate malt from now on. I won’t, as I do like Milo as well. But…..if I had to choose between one or the other, Ovaltine 3-in-1 chocolate malt would be my choice each time.

You’ll also be happy to know if you come to Thailand and want to buy Ovaltine 3-in-1, the Ovaltine you can buy in Thailand in all its flavors is not the same as the disgusting stuff now sold in the US under the Nestle’s brand. A few years ago, Nestle’s changed the formula of Ovaltine in the US and, for many people used to the much nicer original taste, it’s now completely undrinkable.

The Ovaltine you buy in Thailand and everywhere else in the world except America, however, is made by the British company ABF and not Nestle, so it has still retained the same malty chocolatey taste it always had. If you loved the old taste of Ovaltine in the US, you’ll like it here in Thailand.

Thailand, by the way, is the biggest market in the world for Ovaltine. Thais love malt and chocolate drinks so buy Ovaltine much more often than people in any other country. Cool, eh?