Review: In & Out Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand: Coffee, Cakes and More

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I’m a huge fan of In & Out bakery cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. With branches in several malls around the city, as well as a few stand-alone bakery cafes, In & Out Cafe serves incredible Japanese and Thai-style pastries and coffee at inexpensive prices.

What is In & Out Cafe? – Owned by the Oishi group, that has Japanese restaurants and businesses all over Thailand, In & Out is what they call a ‘bakery cafe’. What that means, in Thailand, is not only do they sell a huge selection of tea, coffee and fruit juice drinks, they also sell their own baked goods and, boy, do they have a lot of them. In & Out is a chain cafe, or chain bakery, and is one of the most popular in the city.

What Does In & Out Cafe Sell? – In & Out is first and foremost a famous bakery. Every In & Out location has huge glass cases stuffed full of sandwiches, curry puffs, tuna puffs, chocolate buns, cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cream filled Japanese rolls, bread – in fact, just about every bread, cake and cookie product you could imagine. Each cafe also has a separate glass case full of cheesecakes, mochi (Japanese rice cake desserts), chocolate cakes, fruit gateaux, green tea cakes and so much more.

In & Out also sells a large selection of iced and hot coffee drinks, green tea drinks, ice fruit juices and smoothies and hot chocolates. The best two things, in my opinion, are the hot lattes as they’re large and smooth, and the Kiwi Shock (frozen kiwi slushies, yum!).

Prices at In & Out – In & Out is a popular cafe in Thailand as it’s inexpensive, particularly for the quality and the ambience of the place. Sandwiches are as cheap as 30 baht (90 cents) and cakes and cookies starting at 25 baht (75 cents). Lattes are 55 baht ($1.65), much cheaper than comparable Starbucks, and they’re larger too. You can enjoy a latte or another tea, coffee or fruit juice drink, a sandwich and a pastry or cake for around 100 baht ($3). A cheap lunch or dinner just about anywhere in the world.

¬†How Does In & Out Work – When you first arrive at the cafe, you won’t be sure how it actually works. As all the cakes, cookies and sandwiches are wrapped in plastic in large glass cases, it’s a bit confusing about how you eat them at the cafe. It’s actually easy though. Just take a tray and a pair of tongs, browse the cases and take what you want. Then take the tray up to the counter and hand it to the cashier. Order your drink and tell her everything is “for here”. She will then take the food, unwrap it, place it on plates (or warm it in the microwave if necessary) and have your drinks prepared. She’ll give you a number and you can find a table, as your food and drinks will be brought to your table as soon as they’re ready.

Locations of In & Out Bakery Cafes – My favorite In & Out bakery cafe is the large cafe at Central Ladprao on the main floor. There’s a smaller one at MBK Mall in downtown Bangkok, as well as others in most of Bangkok’s malls.

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