Taxi Stand at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport: Service Staff are Not Polite

Suvarnabhumi taxi stand sign


I arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok only to be met with this sign at the Suvarnabhumi taxi stand. Apparently, according to the people who wrote the sign and, yes, had it printed that way, their “service staff are not polite”. Be warned.

In fact, after reading that sign, it doesn’t make you want to pay for a taxi at the official taxi stand at Suvarnabhumi Airport, now does it? It may be better going up to the arrivals floor and hailing an independent taxi from there instead. After all, those taxi drivers will probably be polite.

Of course, what the sign is supposed to mean is “IF the service staff are not polite” to you when you ask for a taxi at the Suvarnabhumi taxi stand, then here is the telephone number you can call to complain. Pity they missed off the words “if” and “call”. Gave me a good laugh after a very long flight, though, anyway.

By the way, just in case you’re still worried, I’ve taken at least 50 taxis from the taxi stand at Suvarnabhumi Airport since the airport first opened five years ago and I’ve never had a problem with the service staff or the taxi drivers. In true Thai style, the desk staff is always friendly and polite and the drivers always get me where I want to go for a regular metered price.

Regardless of what the sign says.